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Self made syrup

High quality syrup is expensive and you only find them in specialist shops. Making them yourselves is easy, fast and cheap.


What is syrup?

Sugar syrup ready for use

Sugar syrup ready for use

Syrup is a solution of sugar, means boiled water and sugar with a density of ~28° Baumé. For fruit syrup, you use juice of previously boiled fruits instead of water. Herbs, Tea, fruit juices or a any combination is a possible flavouring. Important is the ratio of sugar and liquid, to prevent crystallisation.

Syrup is used to sweeten cocktails.

After the bottle has been opened, sugar syrup lasts for about 3-4 weeks. Closed and with clean working method at least 3 months.


500 g Sugar

0.5 l Water

1 Glass-Bottle (1l)


Instructions for self made syrup

Start with cleaning the glass bottle. Sterilise it in hot water (boiling water would be best). From now on touch the bottle and tap only from outside, the less bacteria the longer your syrup will remain preserved.

Bring sugar and water to boil at medium heat accompanied by continuous stirring. The liquid should reach a temperature of 102° Celsius or 30° to 32° Baumé density. Work with a thermometre, a sugar-scale, or just let it boil shortly (1 min). If you cook it too long and too hot then the colour turns yellowish and the syrup can crystallise.

Pour the hot syrup into the sterilised glass bottle and close it immediately. It's best practise to turn your bottle upside down when letting it cooling down.

Fruit or herb syrup

Fruit syrup

Peach and strawberry syrup ready for use

To make fruit syrup, you start with processing fruits to a mush, the more fruits, the more flavour.

Put all fruits and berries into a pot with water and let it boil for about 10 min (until they are squashy). Stir it with a whisk until all fruits come apart and are almost dissolved in the water. Seedless fruits you could blend.

Strain it with a kitchen-towel or a thin strainer to get rid of the fruit residues. Now go ahead with the recipe above and use instead of water your fruit juice. The amount of sugar and liquid is equal.

Syrup can be made from herbs by cooking tea and then proceed with the recipe above.

Herbs, fruits, lemon juice.. any flavouring agents can be combined, that's the reason for an extremely wide variety of syrups.

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