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Liqueurs are spirituous beverages with a sugar content of minimum 100g/l (0.1 fl oz/oz). They have an alcohol content of 15 to 40 % vol. Liqueurs are used to sweeten and flavour mixed drinks, apart of adding alcohol.




A bottle of Disaronno, a famous amaretto brand

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur made from almonds and apricot kernels. It has around 25% vol. of alcohol.

Amaretto is frequently served as a dessert accompanied by coffee. The most famous cocktail is Amaretto Sour.

Cocktails with amaretto

Famous amaretto brands

  • Disaronno

Coffee liqueur

Coffee liqueur

A bottle of Kahl˙a, a popular coffee liqueur

Coffee liqueur is very sweet and tastes of coffee. Because of its high sugar content, coffee liqueur is mainly used for mixed drinks. Most people don┤t like drinking it pure.

The two biggest brands, the Mexican Kahl˙a and the Jamaican Tia Maria, use rum, coffee and vanilla for their liqueur.

Black and white Russian are the most popular drinks with coffee liqueur. There are more mixtures, most of them contain also vodka.

Cocktails with coffee liqueur

Famous coffee liqueur brands

  • Kahl˙a
  • Tia Maria


Blue Curašao

A bottle of Blue Curašao from Bols

Curašao is a sweet orange liqueur which is used for lots of cocktails.

The name comes from the so called island next to Venezuela. In comparison with triple sec, it has a lower alcohol content of about 20-30 % vol.

Dried orange peels and further spices are pickled in high proof alcohol to dissolve their aromas.

Especially for cocktails a wide range of colourized types are available, like e.g. blue or green curašao. The colour is generated by adding food colourant and doesn't affect the taste.

Curašao has a wide use for cocktails, especially attractive drinks can be mixed with the colourized ones.

Cocktails with curašao

Famous brands

  • Bols

Melon liqueur

Melon liqueur

A bottle of melon Bols, a popular melon liqueur

Melon liqueur has a very typical taste of melons and is usually dyed with green food colouring. A good alternative to melon syrup.

It's a liqueur almost exclusively produced for mixed drinks. For most people is it too sweet to be drunken pure.

Because of it's remarkable colour, you can mix very good looking cocktails with melon liqueur, but its only part of an extended bar stock.

Cocktails with melon liqueur

Famous melon liqueur brands

  • Bols Melon
  • Midori Melon (from Suntory)

Peach liqueur

Peach liqueur

A bottle of peach liqueur

Traditionally peach liqueur is produce by maceration of peaches. In many commercial products you notice that they are using artificial flavouring. A sweet liqueur which tastes of peaches.

Most product are dyed in orange or yellow, or sold transparent like e.g. Bols Peach.

There are some recipes with peach liqueur, but it's not an important part of a bar at home. We believe fresh peaches taste so much better that liqueur or syrup, that we prefer fresh fruits or fruit juice for cocktails.

Cocktails with peach liqueur

Famous peach liqueur brands

  • Bols Peach
  • Archers Peach
  • Jacquin's peach

Production process of liqueurs

Conventionally liqueurs are produced by the method of maceration (dissolve out flavouring agents by insertion in high proof alcohol) followed by another distilation. With adding sugar or honey afterwards the sugar content of minimum 100g per litre is reached, which is regulated.

Apart of maceration there are some new procedures in liqueur production, up to simply mix fruit syrup, aromas and alcohol. Most liqueurs are colourized with food colour.

Strawberry liqueur

Strawberry liqueur

A bottle of strawberry Bols, a popular strawberry liqueur.

Logically, strawberry liqueur tastes of strawberries and it's quiet sweet. The red color develops naturally by inserting strawberries into high proof alcohol. Commercially available products are at least beautified with red food coloring or completely dyed, because the liqueur is distilled again or it's based on artificial flavoring.

Apart of cocktails, strawberry liqueur is used for all kind of deserts. Recipes with strawberry liqueur, like e.g. Strawberry Margarita or Strawberry Punch are delicious, but it's a liqueur that belongs only to the extended stock of a bar at home.

Cocktails with strawberry liqueur

Famous strawberry liqueur brands

  • Bols Strawberry
  • Fragola (from Tosolini)


White vermouth

A bottle of white vermouth from Martini

Vermouth is flavoured vine with vermouth, alcohol, sweetener and other herbs and spices. It has an alcohol content of about 15-18% vol. There is white (bianco) and red (rosso) vermouth, which taste quite different.

Vermouth is mainly used for mixed drinks, lots of recipes are available.

Cocktails with vermouth

Famous vermouth brands

  • Martini
  • Cinzano
  • Martinazzi
  • Carpano
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