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Glasses have a key impact for an attractive presentation of a drink. A good cocktail doesn't only taste well, the appearance and a cozy atmosphere is very important to make a good impression.


Brandy glass

Brandy glass

Strawberry Punch in a brandy glass.

Brandy glasses, also know as cognac glasses, are round bodied and used for neat drinks without ice. It's a good choice for Cognacs, brandies and generally for all high quality spirits. It's a beautiful glass with a capacity of 8-20 cl, but only 2-4 cl are filled up with spirits.

Cancun glass

Cancun glass with peach margarita

Peach Margarita in a Cancun glass.

Cancun glasses are curved cocktail or dessert glasses. About 20-25 cl of liquid fits into them and they are used for impressive short drinks.

Cocktails for cancun glasses

Champagne glass

Champage glasses

Blue Champagne and Black Velvet in champagne glasses.

Champagne glasses or white wine tulip glasses are steam glasses with a tall narrow bowl. Champagne flutes have a transition-free passage from the stem to the bowl, and an arched shape like a tulip, where the rim is the widest part of the glass. The capacity is about 5-15 cl, but no more than half of the bowl should be filled up. They are used for champagne, champagne-cocktails and some Sours.

Cocktails for champagne glasses

Cocktail saucer

Cocktail glass

Pomgranate Margarita in a cocktail glass.

Cocktail saucers are extraordinarily decorative and designed for cocktails and champagne. Its a small glass with 10-15 cl capacity.

Cocktails for cocktail saucers

Gibraltar Glass

Gibraltar glasses

Mojito and Caipirinha in a small and big Gibraltar glass.

The Gibraltar glass also known as Libbey glass (Libbey is a famous brand for this type of glass) is popular for long drinks. Its a very robust glass, a mortar can be used without damageing the glass, e.g. best choice for mojitos. Small types have a capacity of 20-30 cl and big ones 40-60 cl.

Cocktails for Gibraltar glasses

Grappa glass

Bodies of grappa glasses are curved and the opening is small. They have a capacity of 4 cl, but don't fill up more then half of the bulge. Its used for high quality spirits like grappa or cognac. Its not a glass for cocktails.

Hurricane-glass (Fancy-glass)

Hurricane glasses

Tequila Sunrise and Sex on the Beach in a small and big hurricane glass.

Hurricane- or fancy-glass is a popular long-drink glass. The curved contour of the big body is its characteristic. Big examples have a capacity of 40-50 cl, in small types fits around 25-30 cl.

Cocktails for hurricane glasses

Long-drink glass

Long-drink glasses

Pimm's No. 1 Cup and Long Island Ice Tea in different long-drink glasses.

Long drink glasses are tall and stemless with a capacity of 30-50 cl. There are many different shapes of long-drink glasses, straight, round, cone-shaped and some creative models. They are used for long-drinks, especially collinses and highballs cocktails.

Cocktails for long-drink glasses

Margarita glass

Margarita glass

Margarita in a Margarita glass.

Margarita glasses are double arched, have stems and are only used for cocktails. Their main application is for Margaritas, but its a great looking option for almost all short drinks. Decorated with a sugar rim and a piece of fruit is it a real eye-catcher.

Cocktails for margarita glasses

Martini glass

Martini glasses

Cosmopolitan and Manhattan in a Martini glass.

Martini glasses have a stem, a cone shaped body and they are only used for cocktails. The capacity is between 10-25 cl. Apart of dry martini, they are useful for all short-drinks which you like to present in a extraordinary way.

Cocktails for martini glasses

Shot glass

Shot glasses are the smallest glasses in a bar with a capacity of 2-4 cl. They are used for shots, which are usually emptied in one draught. It can serve as a measuring cup, but that doesn't look as professional as a real one.

Tumbler (old fashioned glass)

Tumbler glasses

Cuba Libre and Mai Tai in different tumbler glasses.

Tumbler or old fashioned glasses are short and have a big stand. Its used for pure spirits and short-drinks. The capacity is about 20-25 cl, but with spirits only 4 cl are used. The large opening of the glass helps to unfold fragrances.

Cocktails for tumbler glasses

Wine glass

Red and white wine glass

Aperol Spritz in a red wine glass and Hugo in a white wine glass.

Wine glasses exist in different shapes and sizes. Red wine glasses have normally a bigger bowl then white wine glasses. The long stem helps to keep the temperature stable when holding the glass. Wine glasses are beautiful that's the reason for their wide use for cocktails.

Cocktails for wine glasses

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