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About us

Who we are is a site from cocktail lovers for cocktail lovers.

Our daily goal is to present you the best cocktail recipes and informations about cocktails and drinks. We finance us only with banner ads and don't get any money for product placement or similar things. That’s the only way to be independent and able to present you the best recipes.


Cocktails and drinks are a great pleasure and with good instructions easy to prepare. There isn't much more to say about bad experiences with other recipe sources (defamation is judicially fussy), then mixing doesn't make fun if the drink isn't balanced well.

The effort is the same for a delicious cocktail then for a too sweet or too sour one. It's really annoying to disappoint guests only because of relying on a bad recipe.

Its time for an alternative to over sweetened or sour recipes, free and all the time available for everyone, with newest web technologies and an attractive design.

Drink responsible

Alcohol is a poison which affects your life expectancy, makes damage to almost every organ and can be addictive. Therefore its important to consume alcohol modestly.

A good barkeeper takes care about his costumers and ensures that they don't drink too much. This is done by adjusting the amount of alcohol in drinks and sometimes refuse orders.

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Drink of the MonthCaipirinha in a tumbler Gibraltar.Caipirinha

Winner Cocktail Competition 2015
Robert Brown

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